About Me

Let me introduce myself,

Polyvalent Developer

Alexis Cochet, 20 years old

Deep passionate about computer science, i'm currently studying DUT Informatique, France;
always heading to acquire more knowledge and skills!

Specialized in Back-end program, none-the-less polyvalent and great front-end developper,
confirmed skills in object-oriented programmming language such as PHP, Java or C#.

My past experiences leads me to reach the goals in the different projects I've contributed to.
Young, innovative and determined would categorize me in few words.

Scroll down the page to know more about my past projects. You can also download my resumee to visualize my profile in few words.

Download my Resumee




Intranet Ambulances

Type: Website
Developed in: HTML/CSS, PHP/JavaScript, MySQL
My Job: Back-End Developer Version: 1.0.0
Latest Release Date: 12/12/2019

Description: Intranet Ambulances is an intranet website that I've contribued to as back-end developer.
It's purpose is to ease the entrepreneur of Ambulances 73 company and his employees to manage their tasks.

Visit our website here: Intranet Ambulances


Type: Interpreter, High Level Language
Developed in: Java
Additionnal Library: LWJGL
Version: 0.2.3
Latest Release Date: 06/08/2017

Description: FastGL is an interpreter designed to make fast and functionnal OpenGL program.

This project will stay private as it was paused 2 years ago due to optimization issues.


Type: 2D Platformer Game
Developed in: Java
Additionnal Library: LWJGL
Version: Alpha 6
Latest Release Date: 10/29/2017

Description: Speetna is a simple platformer game where you handle a small red cube
that will soon become your best companion! Your only goal is to reach the end of each levels
as quickly as possible. Care about hazards and enemies!

The game is soon available in our store...


Type: 3D Voxel Game
Developed in: Java
Additionnal Library: LWJGL
Version: 0.04b
Latest Release Date: 05/19/2017

Description: Infinitia was a small project consisting of remaking Minecraft
by my own, using the same textures, and the same language and libraries.
Network is not yet implemented but world generation, item picking and block placing/destroy works.

The game will be unavailable for purchase as all rights go to Mojang and Microsoft,
however the source code might be accessible some day...


Type: Game Engine
Developed in: Java
Additionnal Library: LWJGL
Version: 1.0.0
Latest Release Date: 11/25/2019

Description: ECOmplete is a complex game engine for Java users using OpenGL graphic engine.
This game engine has different functionalities:
- Game loop handling
- Game Objects and Components Automation and Customization
- Different projection implemented (perspective, orthographic, isometric...)
- Math and System Utils (Vectors, Quaternions, Matrices, String Utils, System Properties, Log, Exception Handler...)
- Game Configuration with .cfg files
- Network Handling with Datagram sockets, server and client side
- Event Handling server-side, console handling
- Plugin Handling server-side using the event system
- Shader, Lighting and Directional Shadows
- In-game Console for debug purpose
- UI Components and GUI handling
- Sound and Audio Managing

The game engine will be accessible for public as soon as the version 1.1.0 will come out and the documentation finished.


Type: MOBA Game
Developed in: Java
Game Engine: ECOmplete
Additionnal Library: LWJGL
My Job: Director, Lead Developer, Game Designer, Community Manager
Version: 0.3.3
Latest Release Date: 07/25/2019

Description: ETNA is a team project MOBA game consisting of a 7v7 closed map.
Each teams are supposed to destroy the opponent's base in order to win the game.
A bunch of characters can be selected, each having different spells and specialities.
Other informations has to stay private for confidentiality.

The game is currently in a pause state while the game ECOmplete is in dev and will soon resume.


Type: 2D Platformer Game
Developed in: C++
Additionnal Library: SFML
My Job: Lead Developer, Game Designer, Community Manager
Version: 1.0
Latest Release Date: 11/29/2018

Description: Brath is a video game that has been made during a weekly-long school event.
Play a little character that will travel across a silent and sinister world;
And don't forget, what you see can be an illusion...

The game will be available soon in the store...